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At Guardian Environmental, we want you to feel safe in your home. The first step for ensuring your safety is to do testing for potentials hazards and contaminates. Contaminates have plenty of ways of getting into your home and while the processes of stopping them are sometimes a little difficult, they are necessary to keep you and your family healthy. Our team of professionals is standing by to test your home for contaminants and get to work on remedying any problem we find.
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Radon mitigation

Radon, a naturally-occurring gas that comes out of the ground, is dangerous for humans at certain levels and can cause lung cancer more often than second-hand tobacco smoke. Testing is the only way to know how much you and your family are at risk from radon. If you think radon is entering your home through cracked floors, foundation walls, or other sources, Guardian Environmental can help get you tested and your high radon levels mitigated. We want to help you and your family stay safe and guarantee your levels will be reduced by up to 99%.
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Water Quality Testing

Drinking clean water and breathing clean air is essential for your health. Experts advise getting your water tested for contaminants regularly to maintain purity. If you don't, your water could have high levels of different kinds of contaminants that are hazardous to your health. At Guardian Environmental, we can test your water for contaminants like bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, acidity, nitrates, and more. We'll use our advanced testing techniques to help you rest easy again. Air quality testing can help detect things like mold and radon, but also other contaminants you may not think about. Whatever is in your air, we'll help sniff it out.

Lead-based Paint testing

Older homes, particularly those built before 1978, are more likely to have lead-based paint. While there's a good chance that the old paint is buried under layers of newer, better paint, there are still ways it could be hazardous to your health. High-traffic areas that get a lot of wear and tear are more likely to expose dangerous paint. This includes areas like doors and doorframes, window and window sills, stairs, railings, banisters, and porches. If you live in an older home and you're worried about your paint, the best way to protect yourself from potential lead poisoning is to get tested.
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Mold Remediation

Moisture in your home can lead to one major threat to your health and home: mold. Molds can produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. Not all mold is a deal-breaker, however. Every home has damp areas, but it's the long-term exposure to dangerous mold that can be damaging to your health. Black mold, that kind you're probably worried about, only makes up a very small proportion of positive mold tests, however. Our team at Guardian Environmental makes sure to educate you on what spores are prevalent, how dangerous they are, and the source of the mold so that you can take any necessary action to remediate it.
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